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Each pair is hand painted allowing you to choose a design that can be as unique as you are.

Custom Vans Slip Ons

  • Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep them in the best possible condition!

    Your shoes have been sprayed with a protective coating after they were completed. Though I use water resistant fabric paint and markers on all of my creations, I would suggest keeping them away from water as much as possible. They are rain* resistant, but try to treasure them by storing them in a cool dry place and not wearing them out in a hurricane! 

    I recommend that you treat your shoes with a protective spray, as I did right before sending them to you, at least once annually. Some of the protective solutions that I recommend are: Scotch Guard, any type of acrylic sealer or generic shoe care treatments.  

    *Drizzle not Down Pour

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